A/B Testing
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Boost Sales with A/B Testing
Split Testing to Optimize

A/B testing is pertinent to the success of an ecommerce site. If you believe that it is important in terms of a webpage’s look & feel, image selection, wording and the like, then you can see why it is crucial for video.

Optimizing your video content requires rigorous split testing. For most, the process of A/B testing is a daunting, headache of a task.

With Treepodia’s internal video A/B testing mechanism, featuring smart learning algorithms with automatic adjustment based on your users’ behavior, you automatically make the most of each video view, each and every time.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the results!

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(1) Create - Generate and test multiple-versions

The Treepodia video platform enables you to automatically generate or upload more than one video version for each product in your catalog:

Version A Version B
(2) Measure - Treepodia tracks and reports video sales performance

Once you’ve uploaded or automatically generated a number of videos for each product, the Treepodia system tests multiple videos against one another by automatically serving like sized portions of your audience with your various video versions. The platform tracks and attributes any purchase on your site to a certain video version watched by the shopper, and reports in real-time which videos are successfully driving customers to purchase.

Videos Version"Watched video" CVR %"Did not watch video" CVR %
Version A13.33%2.79%
Version B7.50%
(3) Optimize - Auto-adjusting your product videos to maximize sales

Based on aggregated data and algorithms developed by statistic experts the Treepodia platform identifies and automatically promotes (i.e. shows more frequently), the best performing video version for each of your products.

a/b graph

For example, if you choose to upload a few different automated video templates for each of your products, you will quickly see that there is no one “dominant” template.

A video template can perform very well for product A and not so well for product B. The smart A/B testing mechanism figures out which template is working best for each product, and ensures that the best version is promoted accordingly, for the best results per product.

The more templates you add, and the more videos you upload to the system, the more optimized your results will be.