Knife Depot

This template features a diverse and detailed presentation of the product using specific animations and illustrations. The sound effects and music are well synced with the video story, to get viewers in the right mood.


A branded template for Lenovo laptops, these atmosphere videos are generated from the client's own materials, giving them the look and feel of full production brand videos


A very stylish template that utilizes the high-quality images supplied in the client’s data feed, alongside category-based atmosphere videos


A detailed template which highlights each product’s unique features, and effectively emphasizes its advantages.

BC surf

This short template is perfect for products with minimal data. Atmosphere videos are combined throughout, in order to enhance the video and compensate for the lack of other details


This template features a testimonial video produced by a third-party supplier of Treepodia. Our current research shows a higher CVR for products with testimonials/ratings, especially video testimonials.

Woodwind & Brasswind

This template overcomes two issues – minimal data and low resolution product videos – by using category-based atmosphere videos, music, and distinct style.


This very detailed template highlights each product’s features and reviews. It is the perfect way to sell "less-sexy" products.

Advance auto parts

Advance auto parts video sample

In order to make strut videos more interesting, each one is based on a problem the shopper needs to solve, complete with engaging animation. By focusing less on the product images and more on the value, it delivers a strong, relevant message to the customer.