Personalizing your Email Marketing with Loyalty Videos


Emails that Stand Out from the Crowd

Dramatically increase email campaign open and click-through rates, by including personalized videos tailored for each and every one of your customers. With customers receiving offers every day, Treepodia’s loyalty videos stand out from the pack. Click-through rates increase by 200% to 300% when businesses include video in their email, and conversion increases by up to 100%.

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Use Loyalty Videos to Generate Revenue

Who says CRM is only for service?

Retailers can derive added benefit by using loyalty videos for marketing. At the end of your explainer video showcase special product promotions and new services. You'll appreciate the added revenues. Cherry on the cake? Promotions can be specifically tailored to customer preferences!

Loyalty Video Customized to Your Needs

You choose - we use!

Our videos are created automatically, based on a set template, with information extracted directly from your CRM database. We can further customize videos to display only that information you wish to share with your customers. Want more? We can even individualize content for every contact in your database!

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Relax with Our Simplified Loyalty Integration Process

Don't worry about linking to all your new loyalty videos. With Treepodia's loyalty videos solution it's a simple matter of inserting a snippet of code in a landing page or your email solution.