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 “The results speak for themselves and have reaffirmed our decision to go with Treepodia,” said Hupka. “We have a whole new breadth and reach to attract new customers that wasn’t possible before.”
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"Treepodia’s YouTube Fetcher service located many product videos from YouTube. Some of them increased our sales three fold. These videos contained excellent demonstrations and reviews that gave shoppers a credible source of information."

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"Videos are the closest thing to having a real sales person, and help build on our commitment to customers to finding the right piece of jewelry"

"Sharing videos is high on our customers’ list of social activities, and Treepodia is helping us keep up with this demand for more videos. Shoppers love videos much more than static photos."

Dollar Days
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"We are pleased with the results we’ve received from the Treepodia solutions. So much that within a month we’d already decided to expand the Treepodia solutions across our entire product."

Eye Buy Direct
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"Within the same process as automated video generation, Treepodia created multiple video versions for each product so that comparisons could be done to further improve impact"

Online Golf
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"With Treepodia’s video solution Onlinegolf has seen an increase in CVR of up to 88% for items featuring video."

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"We’re now able to provide great visual and educational content that helps our customers with their purchasing decisions and gives them confidence in us as a seller.”

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“Once the play icon and background music were added, realized a 50-60% conversion rate increase for products featuring videos.”

Silver Shake
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"Thanks to the Treepodia ecommerce video platform saw an immediate increase in CVR for products with video"

Bed Bath Store
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"After we began using Treepodia’s automated online product video platform, sales of products that featured video rose 69%, while customer conversion was up as much as 300% for those who viewed the product videos."

Banu Banu
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"We just can’t say enough good things about Treepodia, the service they provided and the incredible returns we continue to see with the addition of videos to our site. It was a simple process that generated tremendous positive results in terms of search, sales and overall customer experience."

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"It’s not always easy for everyone to buy footwear online. People need to be in a certain mindset to purchase. Video – with its combination of images, voice and music – is the best way to create the type of emotional experience that helps drive sales."

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